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Our Process

Whether you work with us on your new home design or arrive with a complete design and product specifications, Michael DeJong Homes is prepared to execute your renovation project using our proven build process.

Pre-construction Meetings
Before construction, the client is asked to finalize selections for fixtures and materials, usually with the help of our interior decorator. Trades people visit the site to assess the project scope. Permit applications are made and final design work is completed.

Site Preparation
Depending on the project, site preparation can involve interior and exterior work. Exterior work may include driveway protection, landscape trimming/transplanting, tree hoarding, protective barricades and coordination of material locations. Interior work may include duct system filters, plastic scope barricades, floor protection and protection or storage of client possessions.

Critical Path
A timeline is created for the building project. Critical path items are noted and discussed. Delays in critical path items may result in a missed deadline.

Given the highly customized nature of our work, our clients may request changes throughout the project. The full implications of every change in terms of completion date and budget are discussed and agreed upon with the client. If the client accepts these implications, the change takes effect immediately and all trades people are notified.

Clear, frequent communications help keep our build process on schedule and on budget. We are committed to making the construction of your new home a positive experience.

The DeJong Homes Needs Assessment – a tool for achieving balance between your wants, needs and budget.

A design is only great if it meets a client’s wants and needs. At Michael DeJong Homes, we begin every custom home with a detailed needs assessment. We use an interactive, proprietary process that enables us to understand and prioritize our clients’ lifestyle needs and wants of today and the future.

First, we work with clients to articulate what they already have in mind for their new home. Using photos of our past work and pictures from design magazines, we ask clients to get down to the specifics so that we develop a thorough understanding of their personal tastes.

Second, we challenge clients to analyze their current lifestyle and space to understand where they are figuratively and literally bumping toes and elbows. Then we gather information on future needs, wants and luxuries and ask clients to prioritize each.

Finally, we gather information on budget constraints and use it to help clients further prioritize their wants and needs.

The needs assessment is a discovery process during which our clients learn more about what’s possible for their new house. It forms the basis for a great design and more importantly, for a successful custom home.