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Our Interior Decorating

Residential design creates a custom house, addition or renovation that meets your lifestyle needs. Interior decorating takes the structure and creates a personal space or home that speaks to your personal taste and style.

Every aspect of your home’s space is considered in a well-executed interior-decorating plan. From the consistency of the moldings throughout the house to the colors and textures on the walls, the cabinet finishes and hardware selections, the interior design ultimately defines the look and feel of your home.

De Jong homes works with an interior decorator to help you select all of your interior finishes.

Cabinetry Detail

Kitchen and baths, closets, Family Room, Master Suite. Your home may feature custom cabinetry in many rooms. Not only does custom cabinetry add to the personality of a room, it also has a huge impact on the functionality of the space.

We will layout a plan for the cabinetry including the intended use of specific cabinets along with the storage accessories to facilitate that use. For example, kitchen cabinets may include shelf units for a food pantry, pot and pan storage racks, spice racks or mixer stands. Cabinets in a family room can be sized, outfitted and wired to hold electronics. Utility room cabinets may offer boot storage space. Our cabinet layouts will accommodate the functions you define for each area of your home.

Additionally, our interior designer will help you select the finishes, stains, door style and moldings for the cabinetry in each room. The style you select will have a huge impact on the ultimate look and feel of your home.

Millwork Detail

Millwork refers to the moldings that will be used in your new home–from baseboard to casing, doorstop, shoe molding, crown molding and many more. Millwork can be traditional, contemporary or transitional in style or anywhere in between.

We can create custom profiles for millwork that are unique to your home and express your personal style.  We typically use the same profiles throughout a home to maintain design integrity. And we will reflect that same style in built-in units such as window seats, fireplace mantels or coffered ceilings.

We will create detailed drawings of custom elements such as millwork profiles or coffered ceilings to help you picture the final product. Additionally, our carpenters and lumber suppliers will use these detailed drawings to turn the design into your custom home or new space.


With the structure designed, and moldings and cabinetry in place, we now turn to color and texture to complete your custom home, addition or renovation.

The role of finishes is huge. Color and texture make a huge impact on style and feel for a room. Finish choices include selection of flooring materials such as hardwood, limestone or marble and selection of wall colors and textures. Additionally, you may decide to include fabrics for window coverings, upholstery for window seat cushions or furniture.

Our interior decorator can guide you through the many options you have and help you put the finishing touch on your new space.