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Needs Assessment?
Category: Design
07 May

Needs Assessment?

  • May 7, 2018
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The DeJong Homes Needs Assessment – a tool for achieving balance between your wants, needs and budget. A design is only great if it meets a client’s wants and needs. At Michael DeJong Homes, we begin every renovation project with a detailed needs assessment. We use an interactive, proprietary process that enables us to understand..

06 May

When Can You Start?

One of the most frequent questions we get asked is “When can you start?” This not an easy question to answer. Whether you work with us on your renovation design or arrive with a complete design and product specifications, Michael DeJong Homes is prepared to execute your renovation project using our proven build process. Pre-construction Meetings..

03 May

Addition Tips

Maximizing Return on Your Investment. When successfully executed, additions offer excellent return on investment. The addition of a new story or an upscale bathroom to your home can return more than 90 percent upon resale. Kitchen renovations offer up to 80 percent returns. Master suites and window replacements typically offer investment returns above 75 percent...

02 May

Why Addition?

Our hallmark at Michael De Jong Homes is quality and exceptional attention to detail. We design and build additions that are structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing to our clients. We understand that additions must work both inside and out. New rooms must flow well with existing traffic patterns in your home and match or enhance..

01 May

New Home Tips

Tips for New Home Construction From selecting a home site to choosing hardware for the kitchen cabinets, each custom home project involves hundreds of decisions. These simple tips can help ensure that your custom home meets your expectations in terms of both enjoyment and return on investment: Always choose quality–in your home site, exterior materials..