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Z-New Home
Z-New Home

Michael De Jong Homes has more than 20 years of experience in high-quality, custom homes designed to suit each client’s lifestyle and budget.

Building a custom home for your family can be an extraordinarily satisfying experience. Starting with a clean slate, you can create a comfortable, inviting environment for your family that will last a lifetime. At the same time you are making a substantial investment that has the potential to offer very attractive long-term returns.

While very exciting, building a custom home requires dedicating a lot of time and energy. From determining the total square footage of your new house to specifying a well-placed hook and storage area for your child’s backpack, there are literally hundreds of choices to be made. Each must be evaluated from a structural, aesthetic and cost perspective. Once done though, the results are “liberating”.

One of your most important choices will be selecting a custom homebuilder. Consider how many years a builder has been in business and the strength of their client references. In addition, look for builders who are registered in the Ontario New Home Warranty Program administered by Tarion.