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Z_About Us
Z_About Us

We define quality as great design, excellent materials and outstanding craftsmanship. A great design is one that achieves the client’s objectives in terms of functionality, style and cost. Matching the design to quality materials enhances the look and feel of the space. Outstanding craftsmanship ensures every detail is well done and the structure is built to last. Quality is a hallmark of Michael De Jong Homes and it shows in every project we do.

Proven process
We strive to execute every one of our projects on time and on budget. Our process has been developed and refined over the past 20 years and involves mapping all project details on a timeline. Critical path items are identified. The plan is discussed thoroughly with the client. Consistent, open communications in every stage of the project are integral to the process. We are committed to making every De Jong project a positive experience for our clients.

Our reputation is one of our most valuable assets. We know that our reputation depends on the successful completion of every project. We are committed to courteous service, a disciplined schedule and proactive communications. We operate with integrity always and are proud to be known as the builder you can trust.